It's hard to find a trustworthy repair shop. This place is just that! Always do a great job at a reasonable price:)

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 7/19/2017

My first time to try their service. I was impressed with their professional and thorough service. I'm totally satisfied.

4.5 Northtown Auto Clinic 7/13/2017

A good mechanic... like a good wife (or husband) is hard to find... I think I may have found a good, trustful mechanic. I will definitely return!

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 7/12/2017

Excellent service!!!Everyone was very helpful and did there best to make me feel at ease.My wheel and tire broke but they had me back on the road in no time!!! Thanks North Town Auto Clinic!!! Steve

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 7/5/2017

Great experience!

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 6/29/2017

My car was there for four days total and the problem with my gear shift was never fixed. They wanted me to bring it back but I figured after having it that many days they could not fix it or find the real problem. I did not want to take it back since after four days of having the car I didn't think they could fix it. The people there were friendly.

3 Northtown Auto Clinic 6/26/2017

Drop it off. Pick it up. These guys get it done all the time and they fill you in as they go.

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 6/22/2017

Great service and comfy lobby.

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 6/17/2017

Just the right balance of preventative work to doing only what is needed, I love just knowing I know where I'm going to go. The Warranty just reinforces a good choice.

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 6/12/2017

Now I understand why it's called the clinic, I looked under the hood and it looks like a brand new engine. So,clean. I am very pleased and have already told several people. Thanks so much, it is so hard to find trustworthy people.

5 Northtown Auto Clinic 6/4/2017